Well, it looks like spring is here! Time to put those sweaters and winter coats away and enjoy some warmer weather.  The grass is getting greener by the day!  Our Spring Clean-up is scheduled for the week of April 18th – 22nd.  See above for information on what will be picked up and when!

A quick reminder now that the weather is getting nice and we are out working in our yards to please keep grass, twigs and other yard debris out of the City streets. These items will plug the storm sewers and create problems.  Along with that is a reminder while mowing to please refrain from blowing grass into the street and to sweep up any grass that does land there. The City will be enforcing this ordinance and may assess clean up fees to the offender or property owner.

The Sigourney Municipal Swimming Pool will be opening soon and the kids will be ready to swim! The tentative opening date for the pool is May 28th.  We are offering a 10% discount on season passes this year when purchased from April 1st through May 16th.  Hurry in to the City Clerk’s Office and get your passes at a discount!  Swimming Lesson forms should be coming home with your students from school too if they haven’t already.  They can also be picked up at the City Clerk’s Office.  They are due back to the City Clerk’s Office by June 10th.  You can find more information on the swimming pool by clicking the Recreation tab above.

Douglas L. Glandon