Recycling Information

Recycling Information

Due to a change in the location where recycling items are being taken, there are a few changes in the City of Sigourney’s recycling requirements.

The following items are to be placed in separate containers, garbage or grocery bags are not accepted as a container:

  • Newspapers: All inserts that come in the newspaper can stay in the newspaper. Plastic bags, grocery sacks and string must be removed.
  • Magazines: Magazines and catalogues can be included in this sort. Remove any plastic or product samples, which may be attached.
  • Mixed Residential Paper:  Office paper, junk mail, brochures, envelopes, manila file folders. Make sure all non-paper product samples are removed from junk mail.
  • Metals: Empty steel (tin) cans which held food products only please. Labels can stay on container.
  • Plastic: Recyclable plastics only. Look for recycling symbol.
  • Shredded Paper: Only item that is allowed to be placed in a plastic sack.

NOTICE: There are NO PAINT CANS of any kind to be placed in the recycling. DRY cans can go in with everyday trash.

NOTICE: Wrapping paper is not a recyclable item.

NOTICE:  After November 12th, 2015, glass will no longer be picked up as the City does not have an outlet to dispose of it.  Please dispose of glass in your regular garbage.