Councilman Ed Conrad

 I am a lifelong resident of Keokuk County, Iowa. I started school in Sigourney (k and 1), went to 2, 3 and 4 in Harper at the Catholic school, completed middle school and junior high at the Catholic school in Keota, and attended 9 through 12 at Keota.

I ventured all the way to Iowa City to attend college. I acquired a BBA in accounting from the U of I College of Business, and a JD from the U of I College of Law. I worked my way through college, and was appointed as Keokuk County magistrate prior to my last semester of law school. I graduated from law school in 1988, and was admitted to the Iowa State Bar Association in February 1989.

I started my own practice in Sigourney and continued working as magistrate. In 1994 I began full time practice. I am married to Denise, and we have two boys Eddie II and Mac. I enjoy outdoor activities (hunting, fishing, golf, and coaching). I love watching football and would like to have a bigger woodworking shop.